Shabazz Muhammad for Sports Illustrated.

What is it about Santa Barbara that attracts elite athletes to train there? The always sunny weather? Beautiful beaches? College town atmosphere? No doubt a bit of all of those because I’ve certainly shot my fair share of athletes at or near UCSB (not to mention a couple of Nobel Prize winners too).

So it was that I found myself geared up to shoot another high profile baller, Shabazz Muhammad, the one-and-done UCLA Bruin who was drafted as the 14th overall pick in last weeks NBA draft. Bazz, as his friends call him, was training hard under skills coach Drew Hanlen at the UCSB Thunderdome as well as on East Beach (think sprints and explosion drills in the sand). Bazz gave me a few minutes to shoot a portrait and then allowed me to hang out to shoot him training. A lot of controversy has swirled around Bazz, but truth be told, he showed me nothing but polite respect and professionalism. I hope he has a long and fruitful career.

Shabazz Muhammad for Sports Illustrated.

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