Most people I talk to think of sports photographers as the guys who line the football field with enormous lenses capturing key moments of action. So when I say I shoot for Sports Illustrated, I always get that strange look when I tell them I don’t shoot much action.

But I love hanging out with people capturing moments of everyday life. That’s my background and my niche, so to speak, in the sports world. Shooting the off-the-course features, and I really enjoy it. I had the chance again in March to spend some time with PGA Tour player Brandt Snedeker and his family in Nashville. Nothing exciting, just the everyday chaos of life with two young kids and a houseful of movers packing boxes for the next day’s transition to a hill top mansion. Fun! In all seriousness, it was fun. Brandt and his wife, Mandy, are very “normal” people, something that’s hard to be when you’re one of the world’s best golfers. But this Nashville guy figured it out.

I had to laugh when we went to a deli for lunch. I, of course, was taking images of Brandt looking over the sandwich menu and ordering food. When he finished placing his order, the woman at the counter quietly asked me in her Nashville twang, “Is he a singer or something?” Ha! Only in Nashville, I guess. But Brandt doesn’t give out the vibe of superiority or “look-at-me”. He’s just another hungry Nashville dude, as far as he’s concerned.

Hungry enough to win the 2013 Masters today, golf’s Holy Grail? No doubt, and I hope he finds himself full come nightfall, because I like when normal people do great things.

(Photographs © 2013 Todd Bigelow. All Rights Reserved)

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