Here are three examples of the type of person our society should hold in high regard. They aren’t reality show stars or entertainers. They are some of the finest teachers in our country. Devoted, passionate and determined to inspire. They don’t make a lot of money, but they make our society rich with their dedication to our children. I was inspired by Anna, moved by Robert and blown away by Laurence. Each had such individual styles of educating, yet they all succeeded in the same manner. Different paths leading to the same destination of enrichment.

Student in teacher Laurence Tan’s classroom.

Whether it was a kindergartner in Robert’s class in San Francisco, a middle school student in Laurence’s South Central, LA class, or one of Anna’s high schoolers on a reservation in Montana, all the students were actively engaged and eager to be involved. Bringing passion into the classroom is what these three award winning teachers have in common, and we should all celebrate them and all the other teachers who impact our kid’s lives in such a powerful way. They are recipients of the prestigious 2012 Teaching Tolerance Award for Excellence in Culturally Responsive Teaching. They are also featured on Education Week’s website located here.

Congratulations Anna, Robert and Laurence. It was a pleasure to spend time shooting your videos for Teaching Tolerance and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

(Be sure to select 720p under settings if you wish to view in HD)

Robert P. Sautter: Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School (Kindergarten), San Francisco, Calif.


Laurence Tan: 122nd Street Elementary School (5th Grade), Los Angeles, Calif.



Anna E. Baldwin: Arlee High School, Arlee, Mont.




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