What do a gay man, a pro golfer, Havasu girls and a Catholic nun have in common?

Sounds like a bad joke by the dude inhaling bar snacks at a lounge, huh? Well, it’s definitely not a joke and all four of those mentioned above DO indeed have something in common. They all are in the top ten for most-often-searched keywords on my site. Keywording is so important to archiving, especially in the crazy world of photojournalism where the variety of subject matter runs the gamut. Viewed from a practical perspective, it’s also a reminder of the importance of archive keywording so that people can find and license the images. It can be a bit entertaining to reflect back on the many keywords used that draw people to my site. Here’s a few of them taken from the most-often-used terms in the past 12 months together with a brief explanation of each:

  • The Gay Man: Keyword “Jamie Nabozny”. Jamie was the subject of a documentary titled “Bullied” that told his story of suffering from years of intense, violent bullying as a gay teen growing up in Wisconsin. A great person, Jamie travels the country speaking at schools about ways to prevent anti-gay bullying.
  • The ProGolfer: Keyword “Michelle Wie”. Michelle Wie is the talented and driven LPGA star who turned pro and become a multimillionaire at the hands of Nike all before receiving her high school education.
  • Havasu Girls: Keyword “Lake Havasu Party”, “Lake Havasu Drunk Girls”, “Lake Havasu Memorial Day”Lake Havasu Bikini Party” etc, etc. Years ago I shot a story for People magazine dealing with boating under the influence. I was assigned to go to Lake Havasu on a Memorial Day weekend to capture the intense party atmosphere and discovered what apparently every under 30-yr-old already knew; if you want to see girls in (ahem) bikini’s, then Lake Havasu is THE place. It was a tough job, but I pushed through it………
  • Catholic Nun: Keyword “Mother Antonia”. I’ve mentioned Mother Antonia several times before but she is always worth mentioning again. A young woman who grew up wealthy in Beverly Hills, Mother Antonia ditched it all over thirty years ago, took her vows as a nun and literally moved into La Mesa prison in Tijuana, Mexico to minister to the drug addicts, murderers and gangsters. She still commands the utmost respect in one of Latin America’s most violent prisons.

A few other keywords that showed up and made me think “what the hell……….”:

  • “Unabomber Poker”: Phil Laak, a professional poker player who wears a hoodie and glasses resembling the Unabomber who dressed similarly.
  • “Roger Rifle”: Sounds like a BB gun some kid would order from the back of a magazine, but it hit on the images of Roger Barnett, a border activist who armed himself with a rifle in Arizona and detained undocumented immigrants.
  • “Pigeon Race”: Yes, people do race pigeons and I shot a story for Sports Illustrated to prove it! Exciting is not exactly the word. They release the pigeons 300 miles away and then proceed to wait for them to fly back to the coop where the “racers” are eating, drinking and betting.
  • “Is it possible to be arrested for drunk boating”: The questions are always the best keywords! According to the site analytics, the viewer only visited one page. I guess the shot of guys in chains being led off to jail was enough of an answer!

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