By now there isn’t much new to say about immigration reform. President Obama made his plan for comprehensive reform known today and, to no one’s surprise, Republicans for the most part slammed it. Claiming the reform package which, incidentally, is co sponsored by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, is nothing more than an attempt to legalize the millions of undocumented in the country, the Republican party is once again trying to engage in politics instead of engaging in problem solving. My earlier post about Arizona Senator McCain’s pandering is case and point. Many Republicans who backed similar proposals when Bush was in office are now opposing Obama’s measure. If they voted for it once, why not again? Politics, folks.

A man covers his his heart and recites the Pledge of Allegiance at a swearing-in ceremony for new citizens.

It’s simply time to stop playing to the cameras and do the job our elected officials were hired to do. Govern our country so that we go forward. There is no way to do that without finding a path to citizenship while strengthening security at the border and in the workplace. Enough posturing, just get it done. It’s a good start at true reform, not just a ceremonious “border build up” that on its’ own is ineffective.

As for the Arizona law due to take affect later this month whereby police can ask people for documents, the Obama administration is challenging it legally. The SPLC has issued a travel warning to Arizona for possible human rights violations of citizens. I have a bet with a high priced, respectable NYC lawyer who has dealt with immigration law for years that SB1070, as it’s known, will be struck down as unconstitutional. He claims it won’t. Time will tell, so stay tuned.

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