Here’s my personal tale of woes from the last year or so with regards to the print media, a industry that has been bemoaning the massive loss of readership for years now. You’d think they’d work to hang on to loyal subscribers.

Vanity Fair. Love the long form journalism. Arrives in mailbox on average about 3 weeks after it’s on newsstands.

Los Angeles Times. Been receiving this since I was old enough to read. Start every day with it, old school style with coffee. Late or missing at least 3 days a month. Mind you, I live in a typical LA neighborhood, not out in the woods somewhere.

Sports Illustrated. Received it for years. I shoot for it regularly, so I enjoy the photos and there are some great writers. They dropped my subscription multiple times. I would just stop receiving it all of a sudden. No explanation. Finally quit subscribing.

Is it time to just make the switch and read the paper on the computer with my coffee? Can’t even imagine, but I’m frustrated enough to try……………

Todd Bigelow Photography

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