There is no sense at this point in debating the merits of the Health Care Reform bill. It’s a done deal, thankfully. Unfortunately, like everything else, politics always plays a major role. It’s more important to many of our representatives to vote in a manner that is less controversial, therefore maintaining a likelihood of reelection, than to vote for what they know is a needed change. As many experts pointed out from the beginning, provisions that Republicans vehemently fought to keep out are the same provisions taken from the health plan that each member of congress has. Keeping politics out of major legislation is like seeing a Republican in a inner city health clinic. It’s simply not going to happen………

I’ve spent time shooting some stories on community based health centers and on overcrowded emergency rooms. I’ve been inside and seen the overflow crowds waiting patiently to see a doctor or practitioner. They come with children and aging parents, lining up before the doors open and sitting for hours. The vast majority are uninsured, I’m told. They don’t pay for the services, but the cost is passed onto the taxpayers. This system has been broken for decades, if not longer. So the HCR legislation, though not perfect by anyone’s account, is the first step in a concentrated effort to fix things. Let’s take one step at a time and accept that change will occur over time. Just like during the Civil Rights movement (which a mere 50 yrs ago was at the center of “controversial” legislation like HCR), let’s not be scared off by the right’s vitriolic attacks on reform.

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