Two Minutes With Todd

Two Minutes With Todd is my effort to very briefly break-down important issues that freelance photographers confront while running their business. It was born from many emails and requests I receive for information related to the business issues freelance photographers face regularly. From contracts to licensing, terms, fees, negotiating quotes, archive management, workflow, copyright, infringement and more, I will break down topics very briefly to give the viewer insight and direction. By no means are these videos meant as comprehensive analysis, but rather as important reminders, refreshers and fundamental insights that you can quickly reference. Check it out if you “got two minutes,” a phrase not adhered to literally, but figuratively (they are short videos, though, I promise!)

For more detailed information on these and other topics, please check out my upcoming Business of Photography Workshop dates where we delve deeply into these same concerns during two full days (15 hours) of instruction. In addition, my guidebook, “The Freelance Photographer’s Guide To Success: Business Essentials,” (Focal Press, Fall, 2021) offers more extensive insight. 

Thanks for checking them out. Please follow me at Business of Photography Workshop on Twitter for updates as well.  

The Archive: Let’s look at how an archive is set-up to serve your needs.

Work For Hire: A common contract issued to freelancers, so let’s see what it really means.

Work For Hire Part Two: Breaking down the real impact that signing these contracts has on freelancers.

Contracts/Successor Rights: A brief look at the importance of understanding how a contract clause allows for your image rights to be assigned and sold to others. Specifics related to the 2016 TIME Inc/Sports Illustrated contract which is now governed by new owners, Authentic Brands.