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This business minded photography workshop is geared toward photographers with an interest in a career producing images for various media outlets, nonprofits, foundations and corporations. It provides practical advice and information addressing the many business issues that freelancers must contend with on a daily basis and provides you with knowledge to help you manage your career.

With over two decades of freelance work for international publications, corporations, non profits and foundations, I created this seminar to share my experiences and advice on how to go beyond creating excellent images for clients to actually making a living as a freelance photographer or photojournalist. This workshop has benefited many young and mid-career photographers who have either entered the profession as a recent graduate, transitioned from a staff photography position or have simply wished to learn the business basics for freelancing. The workshop has been offered at the Sports Shooter Academy and UCLA Extension, and is expanding to include Brooks Institute of Photography and Otis College of Art & Design in 2014.



(The testimonials above are from real students who took the workshop. They are not paid reviews. Feel free to visit their sites and ask their opinions of the seminar)

The continually evolving photography and photojournalism professions have clearly shifted the employment standard from employee based to freelance based. As a result, it is now more imperative than ever that independent photographers possess a solid understanding of running their own business if they expect to support themselves and/or their family. The workshop addresses issues such as:

  • Client Development
  • Portfolio Development
  • Assignment Contracts & Negotiations
  • Agency or Personal Representation
  • Website & Platform Options
  • Copyright Basics
  • Tax Issues and Choices Facing Freelancers
  • Image Workflow
  • Image Licensing Standards and Rates
  • General Business Practices (home offices, assistants & insurance)
  • Understanding Cost of Doing Business
  • Social Media Integration and Workflow
  • Rate and Term Negotiations

The information is presented as a classroom discussion using real life experience and scenarios and students are highly encouraged to engage by asking questions and participating in the conversation. I continue to shoot for a variety of clients, so I’m bringing current and relevant personal experience to the classroom. Students will leave the workshop with a sound understanding of the significant business matters they will face on a daily basis as a professional photographer. The workshop was listed as one of the 50 Awesome Photo Workshops Around The World by Photoshelter.

If you are interested in booking this workshop for your students or conference attendees, please contact me for more information.

Thank you!




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