Requests from my Business of Photography Workshop students for follow-up, personal consultations, in addition to similar requests from those unable to attend the two day seminar, has led me into consultations. If you’re interested in personal consultation services, please contact me to discuss rates and your objectives. I offer services in a variety of areas relating to my twenty-five years of experience as a photographer working with the world’s premier publications, foundations, corporations, agencies and non-profits. Many of the topics covered in my Business of Photography Workshop can be addressed in one-to-one sessions held in person or via Skype. Topics include the following:

Photographer and educator Todd Bigelow

“Todd is a very talented, very competent, very pedagogue and attentive, very good listener, passionate and very professional. Brilliant photographer, human and awesome teacher!”–Otis College of Art & Design student Marjorie Curty-Vincent

  • Freelance Market Assessment
  • Portfolio Analysis & Development
  • Project Consultation & Editing
  • Leveraging Your Portfolio for Work
  • Client Development Techniques
  • Assignment Contracts & Negotiations
  • Agency or Personal Representation
  • Website & Platform Options that Meet Your Needs
  • Copyright Basics
  • Equipment Considerations & Recommendations
  • Tax Issues and Choices Facing Freelancers
  • Digital Asset Management via Image Workflow
  • Creating Revenue from Licensing
  • Image Licensing Standards and Rates
  • General Business Practices (home offices, assistants & insurance)
  • Understanding Cost of Doing Business
  • Social Media Integration and Workflow
  • Rate and Term Standards & Negotiations

For information on rates, or to schedule a consultation, please fill out the form below with your specific interests. If you attended a workshop, please be sure to state that in the message body. Testimonials regarding the workshop can be found on the workshop page as well.  Workshop students receive a 50% discount for one year following the workshop and a 25% discount on the second year following attendance in the workshop! 

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