Consultations & Corporate Training

Drawing on my years of shooting still and video assignments for worldwide clients including Sports Illustrated, Smithsonian, ESPN, TIME, Newsweek, People, National Geographic Traveler, Costco Wholesale, The James Irvine Foundation and many others, as well as years teaching at universities and workshops around the country, I’m pleased to offer personal and corporate consultation services. 


Requests coming from my Business of Photography Workshop students for personal consultations, in addition to a growing number of similar requests from those unable to attend the seminar, has led me to offering consultations by appointment (though I always do my best to answer simple questions, when possible, emailed to me free of charge). If you’re interested in personal consultation services, please contact me to discuss rates and your specific objectives. I offer services in a variety of areas relating to my nearly 30 years of experience as a photographer working with the world’s premier publications, foundations, corporations, agencies and non-profits. Many of the topics covered in my Business of Photography Workshop can be addressed in one-to-one sessions held in person or via Skype or Zoom. Topics include the following:

One on one sessions are offered via Zoom or Skype and can be tailored to specific requests.

  • Image Licensing Standards,  Rates and Negotiations
  • Photo Assignment Contract Analysis & Negotiations
  • Freelance Market Assessment
  • Portfolio Analysis & Development
  • Project Consultation & Editing
  • Leveraging Your Portfolio for Work
  • Client Development Techniques
  • Agency or Personal Representation
  • Website & Platform Options that Meet Your Needs
  • Copyright Basics
  • Equipment Considerations & Recommendations
  • Tax Issues and Choices Facing Freelancers
  • Digital Asset Management via Image Workflow
  • Creating Revenue from Licensing
  • General Business Practices (home offices, assistants & insurance)
  • Understanding Cost of Doing Business
  • Social Media Integration and Workflow
  • Assignment Rate and Term Standards & Negotiations



With social media teams and corporate employees taking on photography responsibilities, it’s imperative that they understand how to create interesting and engaging visuals that will best serve their brand, company, foundation or institution. There’s a lot at stake when it comes to putting images into social media streams and on branded content distributed throughout digital and print platforms. I am available to come in and teach your team how to elevate their skills so visuals become a central part of the communication process. Instruction is easily tailored to fit your team’s needs.

Who Can Benefit From This Instruction:

Installed a photo studio for security and human resources at a large non-profit to create employee badges. Trained employees on how to use the equipment.

  • Corporate social media or public relations team members.
  • University yearbook staffs.
  • Graphic designer firms with designers hired to create annual reports & marketing materials.
  • Real estate brokerages whose sales agents must create appealing photographs of properties.
  • Writers, researchers and producers required to shoot their own stories.
  • Security and Human Resource staff tasked with creating employee portraits.


Below Are Topics Often Covered:

  • Assessing and setting up your DSLR to best serve you.
  • Instruction in understanding the various DSLR functions.
  • Equipment Considerations & Recommendations.
  • Understanding the factors that create proper exposures.
  • Understanding when you should use programs and when to avoid them.
  • Advice in how to best photograph a variety of subjects including events, sports, portraits, news, products, scenics and lifestyle.
  • Instruction in use of natural light utilizing simple accessories like reflectors & diffusers.
  • Instruction in use of artificial lighting equipment for portraits including employee headshots, environmental portraits & more.
  • Instruction in creating an efficient workflow from camera to computer.
  • Instruction in optimizing your images & applying metadata using mainstream processing software.
  • Assistance in setting-up easily manageable storage of your images for future access & use.
  • Instruction in copyright basics to assure you maintain control of the images.