There is one absolute that I can share with other photographers after making a living as a freelance photographer for the past 20 years: If you don’t know the business side of things, you won’t succeed. Sure, your work will get you the jobs, but there is far more to making a living in the freelance world than just getting the job. In fact, there are so many steps you need to understand before even attempting to freelance.


And these expenses are very conservative!

I’ve spoken to photographers at length about this topic, most recently as the keynote speaker at the 10th annual Sports Shooter Academy, but for the first time I’m teaching a comprehensive, 15 hour workshop on the Business of Photography. The course is being offered through UCLA Extension, a wonderful space in the heart of Westwood right next to the campus. Three consecutive Saturdays of five hours (six if you count lunch, of course) will give you a solid understanding of the work involved. Classes are scheduled throughout the year. If interested, contact me for more details.

And, while you’re at it, give some thought to enrolling in my Street Photography class. This is a fun class and consists of 12 weeks of three hour classes. We meet for 8 sessions in class and 4 shooting in various parts of the city. Each class is devoted to displaying and critiquing each others’ work and studying one of the masters of the genre (Winogrand, Frank, Maier etc). Check back or contact me for when the next course might be held.

Daydreaming with Balloon.

Daydreaming with Balloon. ©Todd Bigelow/All Rights Reserved. Please do not post or publish without prior consent.


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