Love in the streets of Los Angeles, California (©Todd Bigelow)

There is something so pure, so true about street photography. I’ve often told my students that it is the ability to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary, the willingness to see the fluid, layered connections between objects in a frame. It is the randomness that makes street photography so alluring to photographers who, in fractions of a second, must compose a photograph that draws the viewer in with voyeuristic zeal. No one put it better than Henry Cartier Bresson who coined the opportune moment the “Decisive Moment.”

Street photography is an exploration as well, a chance to see and record the heartbeat of a place in time through the interaction of the people. It’s about light, composition and moments.

If you’re interested in this wonderful genre, or you simply like the idea of learning about the history of street photography while also making four group excursions to various parts of Los Angeles (a richly diverse city), then consider enrolling in this class. I look forward to discussions about the work of legendary photographers Robert Frank, Mary Ellen Mark, Vivian Maier, Cartier Bresson and, of course, Garry Winogrand.

Offered through UCLA Extension, here is the link:

Todd Bigelow Photography

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