Playing catch up on the blog front, so thought it might be easiest on the eye to just throw together a few notes of interest instead of individual blogs. So, here we go…….

  • I recently spent a few hours speaking with journalism students at my Alma Mater, California State University, Northridge. As one of a handful of panelists addressing the Career Day gathering, I was happy to see a full house of over a hundred students (unscientifically counted!). I used the opportunity to hammer home the importance of outworking everyone else, the value of internships and the need to meet potential clients in person. I also touched strongly on my belief that being “good” at everything from video to audio and stills is not going to cut it. It’s fundamentally imperative to be “great” at something (stills or multimedia or, of course, both!) in order to stand out from the crowd.
  • It was announced yesterday that my friend and highly respected colleague, Yunghi Kim, is joining the National Press Photographers Association, the leading association for photojournalists. Yunghi’s accomplishments are long and she will bring a much needed, no sugar coating type of voice to the NPPA. Her experience as a award winning staff photographer and freelance photojournalist with strong opinions on copyright and business practices will give all NPPA members a great voice of representation. Want to see Yunghi’s work, go here!
  • Speaking of business practices, I had another one of those “you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me” moments a few days ago. I received a Google Alert email notifying me that my name appeared in print. Following the link, I discovered an image of mine was being used without permission by the a Washington DC based publication devoted to the gay and lesbian community. The image, a portrait of Tracey Cooper Harris and her spouse, Maggie, was shot originally for my long time client the Southern Poverty Law Center. Tracey Cooper Harris, with the help of the SPLC, is suing the federal government over the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act. Without going even further into the background, I contacted the editor asking if the publication had a license to use the image. The response was laughable. Although the editor and co-publisher responded quickly, he said they did not have a license and simply took the image directly from the SPLC blog and never had a problem doing so before because they gave credit to the source. How can a nearly 50,000 circulation publication have editors who think that taking an image from a blog without permission and providing credit is legal? I explained that such practice was clearly illegal and he was welcome to obtain a license from me. He immediately took the image down but responded by saying that a disclaimer should be put on the SPLC site stating that others are not allowed to just take the image. My belief is that he should read the Copyright Law before working in the publishing field. Geez……….
  • Looking forward to the publishing of the first of several stories I shot for Der Spiegel, Europe’s largest news magazine. The issue will be out on April 16th and will tell the story of a young boxer who came from a tough neighborhood to reach the top of his profession. More to come when it hits the newsstands in two weeks!
  • My longtime agency, Aurora, has redesigned their assignment division website. Looks great! Give it a look here.
  • Please, watch this because it sums up what SO many of us deal with on a regular basis. It’s one of those “it’s so funny because it’s true” videos!

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