I frequently get a number of questions from young photographers and students asking about lighting set-ups. Check out this basic lighting set-up tutorial. It’s geared toward a video set-up (which is great), but the fundamentals are obviously applicable to still shoots as well (with the obvious difference being that video is primarily lit with tungsten and stills primarily with daylight balanced light sources.)

Check out their site too at http://thedigitalvisual.com/simple-tips-for-lighting-dslr-video

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2 comments on “Basic Lighting Setup
  1. I’ve seen a couple of effects on some videos on youtube and I would love to know what set they’re in, I asked the video maker but the only thing they told me were they were called Ektachrome, Cafe something and they also had a couple of effects called bleached and ‘Sci-fi’. I’d love to know what the sets were called, if anyone could help I’d much appreciate it..

  2. Jamie Lenson says:

    Interesting, learn something new every day..

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