Another Arizona? South Carolina police will now employ their “reasonable suspicion” to determine if

Migrant waits to cross into the U.S. © Todd Bigelow

a person is in their state illegally. Unless a person is observed climbing a border fence or otherwise illegally entering the country, how the hell can anyone have a “reasonable suspicion” the person is in South Carolina (or Arizona, or Georgia, or Alabama), illegally?

I’ll tell you how. By the color of their skin. Don’t hide behind the “its-not-about-racism” line when it’s clear that it is. This is racial profiling and our country has a long and troubled history of employing it. If it’s not, then I fully expect that all of my WHITE family and friends in Columbia and Charleston will now carry their passports and will notify me the next time they receive a traffic ticket and are asked about their legal status.

I won’t hold my breath, because I doubt that will ever happen.

The funny thing is, I’ve traveled most of the 2000 mile US/Mexico border and, though I could be mistaken, I don’t think any on duty South Carolina ( or Georgia, or Alabama) cops will ever observe someone actually crossing the border. Why?  Might have something to do with them being thousands of freaking miles away! Which brings us back to the question: How do you use “reasonable suspicion” if you haven’t seen them actually cross the border illegally?

In the meantime, another state will be added to the “show-me-your-papers” list.

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