View from another world, a father and son peer through the international boundary into the United States from Tijuana, Mexico.

Please find time to contribute if you can. If money is tight and you have a wonderful print, please consider donating it. Money raised from the print sales will go to educating Anton’s three young children.

For those of you who don’t know, Anton Hammerl was a South African photojournalist killed in Libya. His disappearance led to over a month of misinformation from Libyan forces loyal to the regime that provided a glimmer of hope to his family that he would be found alive. He wasn’t. He was apparently shot and left for dead in the desert. Sadly, his remains have not been recovered.

I didn’t know Anton. But he died pursuing a desire to inform the world with his photos. For that I have eternal respect and have donated the image above. I’m but a small, small cog and there are many big names from the photojournalism community who have contributed beautiful prints for auction. Please visit the site and read about Anton. If you can handle it, read the time line on the For the Press page. If you want a beautiful print from some famous photographers, this is a great opportunity to get one while helping a colleague’s family.

Please visit the site by clicking on the link or on the image above.


Todd Bigelow Photography

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