1. I have to soup my film.
  2. Where’s my 30 magenta?
  3. Is there any spot tone anywhere?
  4. I put the caption on the back.
  5. I have to hurry to make FedEx.
  6. Damn, it’s out of focus (ok, this still happens sometimes, but you get what I mean).
  7. I work for the Rocky Mountain News.
  8. I’m almost done, I just have to sleeve my chromes.
  9. Dude, you got fixer stains on your shirt.
  10. I’ll take a brick of Tri X.


  • “i got paid on time, the client was a joy to work for !!!!”
  • “What’s your light meter say?” (that’s from me)
  • “I still have tri x in my freezer! Love the 30 magenta, and fixer stains, for sure lost lots of shirts.”
  • “”who used up all the Acufine?””
  • “”F’n a…this reel is all bent””
  • “I miss singing “burn, baby, burn” in the darkroom! Of course the folks who shared the darkroom with me don’t miss that!”
0 comments on “Ten Things You Just Don’t Hear Photographers Say Anymore
  1. linzfrentrop says:

    I miss the darkroom! Digital photography is great, but old school photography has its nostalgic perks too ~ like listening to a record player!

  2. You are so right! Great post.

  3. No Tri-X here … but I miss my bricks of Ilford HP-5+ and my ‘pro Packs’ of Kodak EktaPress.

  4. ben says:

    i still have bad dreams about all of the things above

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