Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Los Angeles to protest against the new Arizona law, SB 1070, that created strict immigration laws against the undocumented.

Nothing drives me crazier than hypocrisy. Nothing makes me want to run into traffic more than a politician who blatantly flip flops on issues and then blames the “interpretation” or “the media” for “misinterpreting” remarks. Folks, when a politician introduces and/or supports legislation, the bill works it’s way through congress. It’s pretty hard to “misinterpret” the clear wording on a bill.

On this election day, consider the opportunistic king of immigration pandering, Senator John McCain. Here is a man who has served his country in war and in congress. He has my profound respect in that regard. But stand your ground, Senator. Don’t pander to the right wing “tea party” activists simply because your poll numbers are down. Sure, you’re in a reelection campaign, but wouldn’t you rather lose knowing you fought for your beliefs than win knowing you changed your stance to retain your job? Sad…….

Read the LA Times story here. If you’ve paid attention, as I have, over the years to immigration issues, you’re well aware that Senator McCain has fought long and hard on the issue. After all, Arizona is on the US/Mexico border. But you’ll also recall, as the LA Times analysis does, that Senator McCain was pushing for legalization of undocumented immigrants and that building a fence was not sufficient. He called for comprehensive immigration reform in a floor speech five years ago whereby a guest worker program, additional security, and a path to citizenship for the undocumented was unveiled. To hear him now, you’d think he always advocated standing on the border with a assault rifle and nothing else. Sure, he took political heat for it back then and alienated a few staunch Republicans, but that’s politics.

Stand for your beliefs. Don’t pander, Senator. You are well versed on the intricacies of the US/Mexico border. Your state is going in the wrong direction. Be the hero you were in war and turn it around. Do what you advocated doing five years ago and fight for true reform as opposed to fighting for your job.

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