Undocumented Immigrants detained in Arizona

A local poll shows the majority of Arizonan’s approve of Governor Jan Brewer’s support of the state’s backward thinking immigration law. As stated in the Arizona Star, Gov. Brewer’s approval rating is growing and it’s likely influenced in part by her support for two key bills that she recently signed into law.

Two key bills?

Yes, two. Her critical support of the controversial immigration law that mandates police ask to see documents of anyone suspected of being illegally in the country has put her in the national spotlight. But she signed another bill, according to the AZ Star, that also helped her popularity grow in Arizona. A concealed weapons bill.

In the past ten days Governor Brewer has passed a law that some say treads dangerously close to the era when Nazi’s asked people for their papers and just days prior to that made it exceedingly simple to carry a concealed weapon. I understand a rancher near the border was gunned down apparently by a drug cartel member, but most ranchers already carry firearms openly on their property for various reasons.

Each piece of legislation is precarious in it’s own way. I’m not necessarily against carrying a concealed weapon, but extensive training and permitting should be in place to maximize public safety. As for the immigration law, it will hurt Arizona more than the current administration realizes. Boycotts are being called by cities large and small. LA City Council is looking into an economic embargo with Arizona based businesses. Tourism will suffer. Not to mention, the law will likely be struck down as unconstitutional. But by then, Gov. Brewer will have used her time in the spotlight to advance her political career as a “tough” politician.

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